• Home & Apartment Maintenance

  • Handyman Services


    Everyone needs a great handyman to help them with the small jobs that crop up around the home.

    Have you started a DIY job but run out of time to finish it? Or do you not have the necessary tools to get the job done right? I can pick up all those bits and pieces around the house or apartment that you just don't have the time, energy or tools to start.

    Whether the job is small or large you can count on me to be there at the agreed time, do a quality job and leave the work area clean and tidy on completion. 

    Carpentry & Odd Jobs

    I can help you with anything that needs a hammer, saw, screws and nails.  There's a huge range of carpentry jobs around the house that I can do for you, including:

    - hanging or repairing doors and installing door hardware (hinges, knockers, peepholes, locks, handles)

    - repairing windows, including replacing sash cords or springs

    - flat pack furniture, kitchens, laundries and sheds

    - putting up shelves, hanging pictures and installing curtains and blinds

    - installing or repairing fly screens.

    Of course, this list is just the beginning. Give me a call to talk about what you need done.


    Painting is one of my specialities! Whether you are looking to redecorate your whole apartment or to paint a wall, a room, a door or window, I will get the job done with a minimum of fuss. I can give your place the fresh look it needs prior to sale or help you patch holes after moving pictures and other wall decoration.

    I believe that good preparation is critical to a great painted finish. I will do all the filling and sanding necessary to ensure you get a great result. I also only use premium quality paint products as they give a better finish that will last the test of time. This will save you time and expense as the difference in cost between premium and lesser quality products is minimal and high quality products give a longer lasting finish.

    Fences & Gates

    Fences and gates are an important part of your property. They define and demarcate your boundaries and form the first step in your property security, creating either a barrier to entry or a barrier to exit for children and pets.

    Fences and gates are also one of the most important factors for creating a good first impression. Regular maintenance is important to keep your fences and gates in good condition, whether it be a coat of paint, replacing pickets and panels, or gate repair.

    I can repair your existing fence or build you a new one, if that is what you would like!

    Decks & Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

    Decks, balconies and pergolas can be an easy and affordable way to increase your living and entertainment space, but they need regular maintenance to look their best,

    I can help you build a new deck or undertake the repairs needed to enjoy your outdoor entertaining spaces all year round. Specific jobs include, waterproofing, oiling decking timbers, installing lattice & other screens, replacing rotten timbers and installing railings that meet building code regulations. 

    Shop, Deliver & Install

    Don't have the time or the inclination to spend your weekend shopping for cupboards? Let me know what you need and I'll head out to Bunnings, Ikea or any of the other major homemakers' centres to pick up your order and deliver it back to you. I'm also happy to install your flatpack furniture and cupboards. I've put together everything from simple chairs to full kitchens!