• Real Estate Agents

  • Do you have trouble finding someone who can make repairs to properties in your portfolio in a timely way?

    I work with a range real estate agents to help them manage and maintain their rental property portfolio. They choose to work with me because I am reliable and respond quickly to new job requests. I'm also affordable - no bill shock for your clients!

  • Property Maintenance

    I perform a full range of minor repairs including (but not limited to):

    • doors and windows
    • blinds and curtains
    • patching and painting
    • small electrical (lighting, smoke alarms)
    • balconies, fences, gates & decks.

    I also work on inter-tenancy makeovers, bringing properties up to scratch for new tenants. I have done everything from painting to installing new kitchen floors & cupboards. I work quickly to limit the time the property is unavailable for rental.

    Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and property portfolio needs.

  • Pre-sale Preparation

    A property owner myself, I understand the importance of presenting a property well when it's time to sell. I know the simple but important jobs that are needed to make a property shine. Anything from a quick coat of paint to installing updated kitchen or bathroom cupboards can make a big difference to potential buyers. Small repair jobs such as fixing broken fences or repairing a kitchen bench all need to be done quickly before the property is opened for inspection.